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Letter to Husband:

Today marks 8 years together.  8 years walking side by side in our lives, hands laced together, looking ahead, moving forward.  But instead of telling you and the world how much I love you, because this is abstract and fathomless, I want to tell the world why I respect you so much.  Keone Madrid, you are this insane synergy of so many things: strength, passion, devotion, humor, kindness, an insatiable hunger to grow, and incredible resilience.  There have been many quiet moments I have had of feeling proud of you, of feeling honored to be part of your amazing life.  Many times I should have told you, but kept them to myself.

It’s all the times you’ve taught classes and run rehearsals while sick.  Performed while injured.  Taken every single class at events to prove to yourself you could do it.  The hours to yourself spent on orchestrating concepts in your mind that are just out of this world.  The uncountable times spent alone, or with me, meticulously thinking through every decision to make a piece of work come to its best fruition.  Never settling, never.  The days hovering over a piece of paper and thinking of blocking ideas that are inventive, new, and allow us to see things we’ve never seen before.  The constant reaching out to better yourself in every way.  The humility and thirst to learn.  The ability to accept floods of compliments from others without letting it inflate your ego.  Every time you’ve held my hand to encourage my scared soul to share itself with the world because you believe in others outside of yourself.  Every time you’ve taken blame.  Fought with people, even those your close with, to stand up for what’s right.  Taken grudges and hurt straight onto your own shoulders to protect the people you care about.  Getting .05% of the thank you’s that you deserve and being okay with it.  Not letting the loneliness of being a leader ever show.  For NEVER complaining or asking for acknowledgement for your struggles.  For working to the bone for the sake of not only your family, but for the future of the craft you hold dear.  For being able to say “no” to things, even to yourself at times.  For taking your mistakes to heart, but learning from them, not being defeated by them.  For using every negative thing thrown at you, big or small, from near or from far, and literally turning it into fuel, food, and motivation for good.  For every waking minute and word that you went out of your way to give so that other people would feel encouraged to find their voice and path.  For every waking minute and word you’ve given to me.

I respect you for your selflessness.  People may not always understand or see it.  People even take advantage of it or misinterpret it.  Your purpose to elevate our art is backed up with hard work and action.  Consistency.  God knows and I know the motive in your heart to pummel through boundaries for the sake of a craft that you love and believe in.  And that you do it all while loving your, at times impossible wife, and including her in all corners of your life.  I am so blessed.  Not only to be married to a genius, because yes folks, he is.  But to be married to a person who is so willing to put himself second for what he loves, including me.  I can never repay you for what you give to me.  All I know I can do is acknowledge you and say out loud how much I respect you as a person, an artist, and a man.  Today I celebrate who you’ve grown to be, and I consider it a privilege to have been by your side through all these years.  Love truly grows with time and only those who stand the test of it will ever understand that.  I love you more deeply than I did 8 years ago, more than even a month ago.  But also, I respect you so much more as the years have gone by and I’ve watched you weather different types of storms.  To many more years of learning, growing, pushing, fighting, and living this insane life together.  Happy 8 years bug.

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