Cloud Thoughts

Dream 9-19-15

From a couple weeks ago:

I had a vivid dream right before I woke up this morning.  I was on train, it was daylight, and the air was warm and pleasant.  There were undefined people around me, blurry and without details, only dim shapes.  I heard a very clear voice speaking to me through the crack in the train window to my right.  The voice was soothing, but loud and aimed directly behind my ear.  It moved toward me with the wind shooting through the slightly opened window.  The voice was not human, but it spoke to me as one.  It was comforting, made me feel calm and at ease.  I was listening to this voice, when suddenly I involuntarily asked to hear God.  The voice went silent and I began to not only hear, but feel a growing hum, a low-pitched rumble that shook the entire train.  It grew then subsided, grew then subsided — three long waves.  Then I woke up.  I was thinking about it all morning when I realized this; maybe the loud, the soothing, the clear voices can feel nice and we tend to hear them first, but when we ask to hear God, those sounds and words disappear.  Sometimes God’s voice is hard to understand, but more powerful than others.  It shakes you to your core and has control over the things around you, even when we forget that fact.  Perhaps the message isn’t always certain words, maybe the point is that He is there.  We need reassurance of His presence, because that fact, can put everything else in perspective.

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One thought on “Dream 9-19-15

  1. Tiffany on said:

    Mari I love all your posts..they’re so introspective and thought provoking.
    This one really stuck out to me because I’ve been learning to hear God’s voice in different ways as well. I’ve learned that His voice is rarely audible but usually comes through spontaneous thoughts, visions, impressions, etc. It’s such a precious thing and I’m encouraged when I read others like yourself share their insights. I’ve also been helped by reading the book ‘4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice’ by Mark Virkler as it’s simplified how I can position myself to hear His voice clearly on a daily basis. Over the past year I’ve drawn closer to Jesus than I ever thought possible and it’s been through experiencing His presence and hearing His words for me. I get so excited when I hear others experiencing the same thing- thanks so much for sharing!

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