Cloud Thoughts

Let Go.

Let go of those small things.  Those off-handed tributaries, those crawlings in your head.

Let go of those squabbling bat-mass tear monuments.  Those “let it be”s when you can’t let it be. Those tangled finger snakes.

Let the snow fall.  Sit there floating on a cold lily pad;

no matter how far the current pushes you under the water your twindle roots still grasp toward the ground.

So maybe let go of the ground for a bit.  Float above for a moment.   So maybe let go of what you want.

(But you never let go of what you want, not really.)

(But you never really know how to.)

Maybe it’s like unbraiding hair.  Silk fall, tumbling feathers out of a torn pillow.  Trying to wipe flour dust from your palms onto your jeans.   That’s why it’s never that simple my apple pie.

Because sometimes to let something fall out of your hand will only create a pile on the floor.

And you have to realize

it’s okay

to need help

cleaning up.

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9 thoughts on “Let Go.

  1. Hotstuff on said:


  2. JShim on said:

    Love this. You have a simple yet intriguing way with your thoughts.

  3. Beverly T. Dacanay on said:

    Love this, daughter.

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  5. Thais on said:

    I don’t know exactly how, I’m sure you don’t too, but you touch others souls just looking to your own. If that makes any sense. I used to see you and Keone as the most perfect inspirations, but I realize now, you are the most imperfect purity I’ve ever seen. Thanks for touching my soul.

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  7. Xaria on said:

    Mariel, please help me.
    I know that you are busy living out your dreams and going on adventures, but if you could find the time to share some advice, I’d be forever grateful.
    I don’t know where to start “cleaning up”
    My own bitterness and anger is eating away at my golden thoughts.
    I can feel myself slipping away and being replaced with a drastically lower conscious.
    I am an angry black woman. No, I am a HURT black woman who masks that pain with anger. Sometimes I hate being black. I feel so ugly like my skin is too dark and my hair is too nappy. All these black men dating non-black women and belittling us for our features in the process punctures my self-esteem. I’m not even confident enough to dance to my fullest potential. I just want to love me some me! My confidence has been torn apart and I want to get it back! 😦
    Please help me out

  8. Danaé on said:

    Thank you Mari.

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